Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring Catalog Items and More

Moon Myst Music Spring Catalog
D.DLUGOSIELSKI "What's Good?" cdr
Cloudy and expansive new full-length of graven psyjazz, recorded April 2017. Home-printed art on vellum in hard poly box, limited to 25 copies. Also available for streaming at
Daniel Dlugosielski - Alto sax and Processing
D.DLUGOSIELSKI "Funeral Rehearsals" cassette series
Solo unprocessed rehearsal cassette series:
Vol. 1 (Alto, C30, #/3)
Vol. 2 (Alto, C36, #/4)
Vol. 3 (Alto, C70, #/4)
Home-printed art on kraft paper in various colors. Hand-numbered and hand-stamped.
An ongoing series.
MAJOR BLAST "Boiled Creek Bursting Wildlife" double cassette
MAJOR BLAST's 3rd full-length cassette album finds the band at their horrific zenith, a sea of mangled electronics haunted by liquefying psy reeds. Home-printed art on kraft paper, an edition of 20 double cassettes. 
Knox Mitchell - Electronics, Tapes, Loops 
Daniel Dlugosielski - Alto sax, Tapes

New Distributed Items and Imports
BODY MORPH "Video Tomb" cassette(Second Skin Recordings, USA)
BODY MORPH "Absorbing Sewage" cassette (Poor Little Music, Canada)
SNOW COVERED DEER CORPSE "Southwest Detroit" cassette (Gravedirt Empire, UK)

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  1. You have a nice and colourful blog. Thank you for sharing the links for download and for listening. It is nice of you to share details about the album. I would give it a listen.