Monday, November 14, 2016

New Sound Gestating Now...

Let's stay together and protect one another.

Lots of new wild sound items coming soon from our household to yours:
  • XDCVR “Negativity Scene” cassette (#/30)
  • THE BLUE SPECTRUM and MOSSY THROATS “Phantom Weaponry” full-length CD (pressing of 100){early 2017}
  • MOON HONEY / BODY MORPH “Construct of Glucose and Human Remains” split cassette (#/20)
  • MOLD OMEN “Cosmonaut in a Foxhole” cassette (#/30)
  • DUPLO CHAT cassette (#/30)
  • MAJOR BLAST double cassette (#/20)
  • BODY MORPH “Necrojazz” full-length cdr (#/25)
  • JESSIE AND THE EELS “Blinking Eyeball” cassette (#/20)

New Jessie and the Eels and Body Morph tapes coming soon on Poor Little Music, IrrationalTentent, and SecondSkin Records!! Hit us up for trades!

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