Thursday, November 24, 2016

MMF001 - Body Morph "NECROJAZZ"

Moon Myst Music proudly presents Moon Myst Files #1:

Body Morph's debut full-length album, NECROJAZZ, sees a slight departure from the project's haunted tapeloop and screeching electronic trainwreck roots. The focus is entirely on gunk-via-horn playing, with viscous lines overlapping to slowly overwhelm and suffocate the living. The four pieces contained here lurch uncontrollably from shambling and broken to violent and desperate. Dan Dlugosielski: Alto Sax and Processing. Moon Myst Files 001.

Look for more files soon at our bandcamp:
Limited CDr version with bonus tracks coming soon...

Monday, November 14, 2016

New Sound Gestating Now...

Let's stay together and protect one another.

Lots of new wild sound items coming soon from our household to yours:
  • XDCVR “Negativity Scene” cassette (#/30)
  • THE BLUE SPECTRUM and MOSSY THROATS “Phantom Weaponry” full-length CD (pressing of 100){early 2017}
  • MOON HONEY / BODY MORPH “Construct of Glucose and Human Remains” split cassette (#/20)
  • MOLD OMEN “Cosmonaut in a Foxhole” cassette (#/30)
  • DUPLO CHAT cassette (#/30)
  • MAJOR BLAST double cassette (#/20)
  • BODY MORPH “Necrojazz” full-length cdr (#/25)
  • JESSIE AND THE EELS “Blinking Eyeball” cassette (#/20)

New Jessie and the Eels and Body Morph tapes coming soon on Poor Little Music, IrrationalTentent, and SecondSkin Records!! Hit us up for trades!