Monday, May 18, 2015

MOSSY THROATS "Imaginary Virus: 2008-2014", BODY MORPH "Spray" series

MOSSY THROATS "Imaginary Virus: 2008-2014" reissue box set (5xC90, 3xCDr, booklet, poster)
IMAGINARY VIRUS contains out-of-print material from the MOSSY THROATS catalog. Spread across 5 90 minute cassettes and 3 cdrs, this sprawling, limited box set showcases a wide range of styles and techniques. Set contains the following material in-full:
"Wing Socket" (goaty tapes)
"Live Growth" (exbx tapes from split)
"Imaginary Virus" (original source material for "dead entity" cassette on moon myst)
"Monthly Face" (tapes by holly)
"Cold Lunch" (exbx tapes)
"DNA Mismatch" (exbx tapes)
"Grave of Light and Bone" (ecstatic peace)
"Modern Punk Teaches Communism" (exbx tapes from split)
"Let's Go to Hawaii Together" (exbx tapes from 4-way split)
"Code Sap" (shores of infinity)
"Saturnus Pyramydne: Loyal to Love" (shores of infinity)
"Mold Resin Plays Beyond the Door II" (exbx tapes)
"Feminine Toner: More Relaxed" (exbx tapes)
"Electric Marsh" (pizza night tapes)
"Sometimes They Come Back (exbx tapes [cdr track ONLY])
Housed in sturdy poly-vinyl case. Comes with full-color booklet with art and information for each release, plus full-color poster. Hand-numbered edition of 14 box sets.

 BODY MORPH "Spray" series
The first in a series of generational/improvisational reed and tape works, to be released as they finish in low edition. "Spine Spray" part 1 focuses on sleepy sax lines and how they relate to cassette source of themselves, cut on-the-fly. Recorded fresh before my trip to chicago: 4/27 and 5/1. edition of 15 hand-numbered copies.