Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Kimchi Skittles "Instant Success" full-length tape
*sterile, heavy, candy-coated power drone*
Daniel Dlugosielski "Violence Processor" 8 cassette box set
*volumes of experimental reinterpretations of VHS horror, some films included are: Pulse (1988), Anthropophagus (1980), Black Past (1989), the Burning Moon (1992), Nightmare (1981) and more...*
Jessie & The Eels full-length tape
*jessie and dan are in far more trouble for their first full-length paranormal investigation: strange runes found washed up on the detroit river appear to sing when exposed to whitening toothpaste, with unexpected consequences for the citizens of the city*
Blue Spectrum "Melted Ice Grill" full-length tape
*the uk's premier psychedelic sandbox sound courier lends his cosmic stroke to the Moon Myst catalog*
.... plus shirts, button sets, 12"x12" limited edition art prints and a coffee mug