Thursday, October 29, 2015


 HAPPY HELLOWEEN!! Special cassette made for the Halloween throwdown at Glass Path Matt's house. Creeping sax and strings, recorded at MUG and at home, backed with 1981's INSEMINOID Edition of 12 copies.

 Josh Burke submits a new collection of outerworld dark trap to the Moon MYST catalog. Uneasy, cold listening for mental patients LEANIN'. Recorded Feb. 2015.

 DUPLO CHAT tape+booklet
 DUPLO CHAT brings us a wonderful miasma of strange bedroom NOISE and visuals. An 8-page xerox booklet accompanies a c30 of almost lyrical static electric noise. Edition of 30 copies.

 DOORWAYS TO HELL double tape
 A hellish double cassette of putrid soundscapes, pieced together with source from video nasties Anthropophagus, Absurd, Nightmare, and Messiah of Evil. Edition of 20. D.D/J.K.

 MOSSY THROATS "Satanic Parasite" tape+CD
 Deadly, damaged, negative electronic and tape hellscapes. Parasitic entities drain you of your worth and leave you to die in the cellar. A hopeless and harsh walk through human nature. Edition of 20 CDr and tape sets.


Friday, July 31, 2015



JESSIE AND THE EELS "Hell's Cartographers" CDr
J&tE's full-length album featuring washed away guitar melody backed with chirping, throbing, choking underworld electronics and searing soprano sax. Numbered edition of 30 copies.

BODY MORPH "Fettuccine Spray: Vol. 2" cassette
Second in the ongoing SPRAY series. Primordial tapes, all born of clean saxophone sessions, ooze forth and die slowly. Edition of 12 numbered copies.

KIMCHI SKITTLES "A Pile of Mental Fragments" box set
KIMCHI SKITTLES sliced to death. The KIMCHI gear goes haywire. Heavy and not chill tones. Unmusical electronics. Two C10s of raw KIMCHI, each of which is unique to its set. One MC60 of all raw KIMCHIs, played in a random order unique to its set. One C60 is a copy of a different MC60KIMCHI than you did not get in your set. Numbered edition of 6 box sets.

MAJOR BLAST "Two Disasters" double cassette
K. MITCHELL/D. DLUGOSIELSKI: two C60s of full-on disaster electronics. A dripping forest of deadly rhythmic tone, punctuated by the screams of malnourished noise and distortion. Numbered edition of 20 double tapes.

MOSSY THROATS "Master Idiot" cassette
A clanking industrial 2092 sound-scape of heavy noise from MOSSY THROATS. C47 featuring layered tape loops and over-bearing electronic machine hum. Numbered edition of 20 cassettes.

TSUJIGIRI "Death's Flutter" double cassette
Z. HOWARD/D.DLUGOSIELSKI: short oddworld guitar and sax duets on this double C10. Guitars sound like words falling from deaths mouth, sax sounds like a pile of rotting seagulls. Numbered edition of 9 double tapes.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Summer Catalog Gestating Now...

MOSSY THROATS "Master Idiot" full-length cassette #/20
BODY MORPH "Fettuccini Spray: Vol. 2" full-length cassette #/12
KIMCHI SKITTLES "A Pile of Mental Fragments" 3Xcassette + micro cs + original art BOX #/6
JESSIE & THE EELS "Hell's Cartographers" CDr #/30
TSUJIGIRI "Death Flutter" cassingle #/20
MAJOR BLAST "2 Disasters" double cassette #/20
... and maybe more from our friends coming very soon!

Monday, May 18, 2015

MOSSY THROATS "Imaginary Virus: 2008-2014", BODY MORPH "Spray" series

MOSSY THROATS "Imaginary Virus: 2008-2014" reissue box set (5xC90, 3xCDr, booklet, poster)
IMAGINARY VIRUS contains out-of-print material from the MOSSY THROATS catalog. Spread across 5 90 minute cassettes and 3 cdrs, this sprawling, limited box set showcases a wide range of styles and techniques. Set contains the following material in-full:
"Wing Socket" (goaty tapes)
"Live Growth" (exbx tapes from split)
"Imaginary Virus" (original source material for "dead entity" cassette on moon myst)
"Monthly Face" (tapes by holly)
"Cold Lunch" (exbx tapes)
"DNA Mismatch" (exbx tapes)
"Grave of Light and Bone" (ecstatic peace)
"Modern Punk Teaches Communism" (exbx tapes from split)
"Let's Go to Hawaii Together" (exbx tapes from 4-way split)
"Code Sap" (shores of infinity)
"Saturnus Pyramydne: Loyal to Love" (shores of infinity)
"Mold Resin Plays Beyond the Door II" (exbx tapes)
"Feminine Toner: More Relaxed" (exbx tapes)
"Electric Marsh" (pizza night tapes)
"Sometimes They Come Back (exbx tapes [cdr track ONLY])
Housed in sturdy poly-vinyl case. Comes with full-color booklet with art and information for each release, plus full-color poster. Hand-numbered edition of 14 box sets.

 BODY MORPH "Spray" series
The first in a series of generational/improvisational reed and tape works, to be released as they finish in low edition. "Spine Spray" part 1 focuses on sleepy sax lines and how they relate to cassette source of themselves, cut on-the-fly. Recorded fresh before my trip to chicago: 4/27 and 5/1. edition of 15 hand-numbered copies.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


THE BLUE SPECTRUM "Melting Ice Grill" tape
Moon Myst is proud to present THE BLUE SPECTRUM (Simon Wilson, UK)

A cacophony of sandpaper star-splattered amorphous noise from THE BLUE SPECTRUM. Like the sizzling of a million sea urchins explorer series LP most people have never checked out, just an incredible display of disregard for music. This tape is a textural world, a spiky and unnatural world. Feels more like a document from some other planet's NSA department than a noise tape. Edition of 30 numbered copies.

THE VOYEUR "Chains" tape
Moon Myst is proud to present THE VOYEUR (Josh Burke, USA)

The songs on "Chains" sound like the music of a dark, Sewer Shark, post-people, cyber society. Cold, thuggish and evil synth driven jams, the perfect tape for driving around doing something wrong. Mysterious vocal narrations punctuate an otherwise inhuman collection. Edition of 30 numbered copies.

KIMCHI SKITTLES "Instant Success" tape
The KIMCHI SKITTLES: electric puro molten maple syrup. Heavily-layered power drone works feel like swimming through corn syrup and battery acid. Dan Dlugosielski= electronics. Edition of 20 numbered copies.

 JESSIE & THE EELS "Zine About Runes and Stuff" tape
A fresh fruit strata of spectral guitar and electronics psychedelia from JESSIE &
THE EELS, the hottest noise duo on the streets and in the sheets, consisting of Jessie Kendall and Dan Dlugosielski. JESSIE flings mysterious guitar melodies into an uncontrollable vacuum, while THE EELS kill tiny parasites with electric hail, home-made wind instruments, and whatever else is around. "Zine..." is J&TE's first full-length tape, a pleasantly confusing pool of cosmic drool for everyone, a proper debut. Edition of 30 numbered copies. Hand collaged/painted/typed covers.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Kimchi Skittles "Instant Success" full-length tape
*sterile, heavy, candy-coated power drone*
Daniel Dlugosielski "Violence Processor" 8 cassette box set
*volumes of experimental reinterpretations of VHS horror, some films included are: Pulse (1988), Anthropophagus (1980), Black Past (1989), the Burning Moon (1992), Nightmare (1981) and more...*
Jessie & The Eels full-length tape
*jessie and dan are in far more trouble for their first full-length paranormal investigation: strange runes found washed up on the detroit river appear to sing when exposed to whitening toothpaste, with unexpected consequences for the citizens of the city*
Blue Spectrum "Melted Ice Grill" full-length tape
*the uk's premier psychedelic sandbox sound courier lends his cosmic stroke to the Moon Myst catalog*
.... plus shirts, button sets, 12"x12" limited edition art prints and a coffee mug