Wednesday, November 19, 2014


WAX WALKER "Finesse" tape C30
All new thrasher featuring Mikkel Valentin Dunkerley (aka WAX TOLLER of Denmark) on electronic amphetamine and MOSSY THROATS playing shimmering shit guitar distortion. Fast-paced cut up insanity noise sheets broken into a thousand pieces. No peace on either side! Numbered edition /30.

MOSSY THROATS "Dead Entity" tape C40
Mechanical rotation and severe electronics plague each side of "DEAD ENTITY." Power's death and power's ghost provide a decayed corpse landscape that gives way only to a few living dead, whom speak here. Numbered edition /20.

BODY MORPH "Ogre" tape C90
BODY MORPH in deadly, horrible void form. Sax pushing from a grave of distortion and rot. A heavy-handed gauntlet, dropping over the city and suppressing all sound. Sax, tapes, electronics 2014. Numbered edition /20.

TSUJIGIRI / JESSIE and the EELS split tape C40
2 brand new duo units on one sneak attack split tape! TSUJIGIRI = Zach Howard and Dan D on a harsh junk nightmare trip. Sax, guitar, distortion, noise, slashing, and random death. JESSIE AND THE EELS = J.Lo Kendall and DL Hugley star in a senseless acoustic/electronic sitcom based on the x-files called "SLIME LIBRARY." Beauty meets bananas. edition of 40 copies.

HIREO666 "Collection" tape C70
Legendary subterrainian harsh michigan noise! This tape holds material culled from short run cd's handed out at gigs, generally in editions of about 8-12. Here are 4 of those discs. Unpredictable, unhinged, dark harsh noise. The opposite of militant walls. No set sound, just 20 minutes at a time spent with an insane person. Edition of 40 copies.

BODY MORPH "Pussy for Breakfast b/w Medical Fame" double tape 2xC30 - FEW LEFT!
Brand-new double cassette of slipstream saxophone insanity from BODY MORPH. First legit solo tape in a while. Alternately lush and grating slabs of nebular reed rubbing for sleep and love-making. The sound of space folding and waking up full. Edition of 40. FEW LEFT!