Sunday, May 4, 2014


NEW NEW NEW: moon myst magnetic transmissions for 2014!!

BODY MORPH "pussy for breakfast b/w medical fame" double tape set
Brand-new double cassette of slipstream saxophone insanity from BODY MORPH. First legit solo tape in a while. Alternately lush and grating slabs of nebular reed rubbing for sleep and love-making. The sound of space folding and waking up full.
40 copies
LIVE PUZZLE VOL. 2 comp tape (90 mins)
Wild and confusing live sets recorded across the great nation of michigan. Musician offenders include: UNEVEN UNIVERSE, FLOATING HEADS, BODY MORPH, CRIMINALS, JOSH BURKE, E.A.S, and SLOWSLAG. Its like you were there, except better.
40 copies
WINTER RUBY "open grave" tape (10 songs)
A couple of years ago, WR wrote several new songs, recorded them, and ceased operations for the time being due to life circumstances (good ones). OPEN GRAVE is a collection of those songs. Recorded in scenic warren, mi and it sounds like it.
80 copies
MAJOR BLAST tape (30 min)
Napalm layers of absolutely horrible saxophone crust. Like dancing in acid rain mixed with sharpened reed hail. Severely unchill/a true blast. MAJOR BLAST: knox mitchel/dlugosielski duo
30 copies
TARPIT "gradual paralysis" tape (40 min)
Shivering primordial ear pollution from the TARPIT sound dungeon. Listen to your brain fall out your ear. A negative experience. SIDE A: solo; SIDE B: hooker/dlugosielski duo.
40 copies